Jusbox is a harmonious blend of music and fragrance. The brand is inspired by the ability of both to conjure up memories and emotions. From herbaceous to fruity scents, each is composed by master noses including Dominique Ropion, Antoine Lie and Dominique Moellhausen. Jusbox perfumes are inspired by music from specific periods, such as the Swinging 60s or the 90s grunge scene.

As you scroll through the collection, you'll notice caps topped with mini replicas of vinyl records. Whether you choose top notes of zingy saffron and ginger or fresh apple and neroli, inside the packaging you'll find a lyric book detailing the elements of the olfactory concoction contained within. And the products' unusual 78-millilitre volumes? These reference the very first phonographic discs, which were played at 78 revolutions per minute (RPM).

Siblings Chiara and Andrea Valdo founded the Italian house in 2016. Calling on their extensive beauty industry experience, the duo seeks to create scents that embody innovation and individuality. To fuse its modern-day sensibility with traditional artistry, the brand sources the majority of its quality ingredients from the renowned LMR laboratory in Grasse, famed for its intricate essence extraction techniques.

Our collection of Jusbox fragrances spotlights distinctive scents and discovery sets. Select floral aromas, peppery bouquets or woody accords to suit your taste. Keep an eye out for iterations that are exclusive to Selfridges.

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