Origins Beauty

Only skin-friendly ingredients go into the Origins beauty formulas. This wholesome brand blends substances from plants, the earth and the sea to create clean, non-toxic products that are kind to you and the planet. We're delighted to know that the company is committed to using minimal packaging and protecting biodiversity to combat climate change. The brand's also busy planting trees around the world through its support for environmental organisations.

The ingredients in our Origins beauty collection have been chosen for their qualities of rejuvenation and purification. Take the palmetto plant as just one example: it's known to inhibit excess oil production, so when you apply it daily through a toner, your pores are less likely to clog and form blemishes. Our Origins face creams use fauna that your complexion will thank you for; Anogeissus reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, making it an effective anti-ageing treatment, while cooling cucumber extract helps to fight flare-ups. 

Wash away everything your skin doesn't need with a gentle cleanser at the beginning and end of each day. Then choose a lightweight moisturising lotion to stay hydrated. Treat breakouts with a spot remover gel that targets redness and irritation for quick relief. Whatever your routine, treat yourself to a nature-infused recipe and enjoy the difference of healthy skin.

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60/10299 results
60/10299 results
project earth icon LE LABO: AnOther 13 eau de parfum
project earth icon LE LABO: Santal 33 eau de parfum
DIOR: Dior Addict Lip Maximiser 6ml
REFY: Duo brush
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