Robert Piquet

Our Robert Piguet perfume collection is brimming with invigorating scents. The French label was founded in 1938 and became known for its intriguing mix of delicacy and flamboyance. The brand's perfumes are equally intoxicating and come in dramatic bottles suited to the extraordinary fragrances inside.

If you gravitate towards scents of a heady and seductive nature, opt for a Robert Piguet oud eau de parfum, enriched with notes of vetiver and caramelised amber. Earthy blends of black pepper and sandalwood evoke the experience of strolling through a shady woodland. If you prefer something sweet and floral, select a bottle featuring ingredients such as orange blossom, fresh jasmine and honey. Many of Robert Piquet's well-known perfumes include fragrances that encapsulate the sense of place. Explore the markets of Marrakech through a mist warmed with nutmeg, tobacco and cedarwood. A vibrant concoction of salted bergamot and orris grounds captures the experience of strolling along the oceanside. 

If you're looking to treat a special person, get them a sample set filled with some of the label's best-loved perfumes. These miniature Robert Piguet parfum bottles are travel-friendly, ideal for those often on the go. With one spray, your loved one will be transported to a faraway land, while being reminded of you wherever they are.

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17/17 results