Haute perfumer Xerjoff has been teasing and tantalising our noses since 2003. Founder Sergio Momo's passion for scents blossomed as a teenager, developed not only by his father's cologne collection but by everyday aromas – such as a local bakery or passing motorbike – in his hometown of Turin. These humble inspirations continue to inform the luxury Italian brand today.

Each Xerjoff fragrance is composed of exceptional ingredients, blended together to create distinctive and captivating original scents. Fresh mint and lily-of-the-valley meet the musky base aroma of patchouli and cedar, while sweet lychee top notes combine with intense Egyptian jasmine – with intoxicating effects. 

Shaped like carefully cut gemstones, Xerjoff's eye-catching flacons further characterise its sense of intrigue and adventure. Just holding one in your hand is the first step towards being transported into a heady sensory experience. It's hard not to be drawn to the brightly coloured glass and glittering finishes that reflect the mystical and aromatic liquids contained within. Choose a large bottle of eau de parfum for daily use, or opt for a set of miniatures to select one that aligns with your current mood. Want to share your treasured secret with someone deserving? Our discovery sets will allow them to explore Xerjoff's perfumes to find their own favourite.

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34/34 results