Acqua di Parma

Founded in 1916 by the baron Carlo Magnani, Acqua di Parma is synonymous with Italian savoir-faire and refinement. With each product blended by hand, this selection of fragrances, bath care and men's grooming will add a sense of luxury to your routine. 

Acqua di Parma offers a range of eau de parfum, eau de toilette and cologne in a lineup of enticing scents. Presented in premium bottles, you'll find fragrances laced with notes such as romantic rose, light citrus and floral petunia. Carry the delightful aromas throughout your home with candles and diffusers in coordinating redolence. 

Indulge in an extra-special bath or shower-time regime with the collection of fine-smelling products. Discover delicately scented bath gel that transforms your water into a pool of silky moisturisation, body washes with reinvigorating fragrances and rich hydrating creams. Fast-absorbing creams, in matching scents, are the ideal way to finish a pamper, with their replenishing formulas.

For all your male grooming needs, Acqua di Parma men's product line has got you covered. Take care of your facial hair with shaving creams, moisturising oils and gels – and traditional brush and razor. Use purifying face washes, pumice scrubs and clay masks to achieve clean and protected skin.

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60/94 results
60/94 results