Founded in 2010 by retired professional athlete Oliver Bernhard, On set out to create running shoes worthy of the pros. These products are carefully developed for people who love to run, and who care about their feet. Browse our selection and you'll see – they're just as dreamy when it comes to looks.

Go for your morning jog in a pair of On running shoes, and you'll feel like you're stepping on clouds – that's because you are. The brand calls its trademark adaptive soles "clouds" because they're as soft and bouncy as your average cumulonimbus. These On black running trainers are cut to a mid-top silhouette, which would look equally good with sportswear or smart-casual slacks. We have faux-leather pairs with perforations for extra breathability. You'll see neutral shades set against pops of neon and red. On's feature-loaded unique cushioned soles are designed to adapt to your running style, ensuring a soft landing and springy take-off.

We're pleased to say it's keeping the planet in mind when it comes to being environment-friendly. Its innovations include foam soles made using literal carbon emissions, captured before they can pollute the atmosphere. Lace up your On running trainers – that calls for a celebratory sprint, we reckon.

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60/80 results