The guests are piling around the table, and the warm hum of conversation is starting to fill your home; your dinner party has begun. And taking pride of place as the main course on the menu is a slowly roasted chicken – so a roasting dish will come in handy. Find your new oven dish for this home-cooked meal within our section of carefully selected roasters.

Whether it’s your Grandma’s secret apple crumble or a newly discovered glazed vegetable recipe, roaster trays are the key to conquering culinary challenges. Choose one to last a lifetime from our selection of cast-iron roasters or easy-to-clean aluminium iterations for those sweet, fluffy sponge cakes.

For those with an affliction for hosting, deep-pan roasters or heavy-duty roasting pots may be handy when creating bulk meals. But if it’s a solo banquet you’re after, opt for a small dish to bake your aromatic meals.   When the colour theme is important, the rainbow of hues in our assortment allows you to find the perfect shade to match your existing set. From fiery reds to matte blacks and glossy stainless steels, they’ll neatly slot in with your carefully curated kitchen décor.

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