Food Storage

Keep those tasty leftovers fresh for longer with our smart food storage containers. From sleek Alessi designs in stainless steel to space-saving plastic items and cotton bags, we've got plenty of options. Plus, thanks to streamlined shaping and stackable styles, pieces like our glass salad boxes and stoneware jars will fit neatly into your fridge.

You'll find smart anti-spill seals and clip-lock lids throughout our range of food storage products, helping juices and gravies stay safely inside. When it comes to designs, we've got a wide variety that includes containers in bright colours, with swirling florals and in neutral shades. With so many finishes on offer, you could easily coordinate them with your kitchen decor. Keep an eye out for our Project Earth stamp; it highlights products with planet-friendly manufacturing processes.

For your next picnic, wrap sandwiches in food storage bags and keep a steamy drink pleasantly piping in a stainless steel flask. Say goodbye to disposable cups with a re-usable coffee mug. When it comes to organising the remaining titbits, pick a set of tubs in contrasting colours, so you can easily keep track of different dishes: red for meat, green for vegetables and yellow for tomorrow's lunch – hands off.

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60/177 results
60/177 results