Hublot Jewellery & Watches

With a Hublot timepiece on your wrist, you're in control of every second. The latest collection from the Swiss luxury watch company includes diamond-studded cases, sparkling gold finishes and chunky ceramic styles designed to bring dazzling detail and precision engineering to your everyday. From watch complications and revolutionary materials to world-class collaborations with the likes of FIFA World Cup and Ferrari, there's plenty to catch your attention on our Selfridges shelves.

The brand was established by Italian watchmaker, Carlo Crocco, in 1980 when he moved to Switzerland to pursue a new way of keeping time. His initial design was the first watch strap to be made from natural rubber, offering a high resilience and super stretchiness. Innovation continues to be at the heart of the label today – a philosophy it describes as the Art of Fusion, combining traditional timekeeping with the technology of the future. The result is hard-wearing titanium-cased chronograph watches, dazzling sapphire crystal faces and trusty mechanisms that keep ticking under water.

Choose a Hublot men's watch with a flexible rubber strap to pay homage to the brand's original design. Go for a bright colour for a pop of fun or a deep black tone to blend your item seamlessly into your professional wardrobe.

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22/22 results