Jurassic World

If your little tyke is dino-obsessed, we can bet they’ve been glued to the TV watching the latest Jurassic World movie on repeat. Now, we’re bringing all the stomping and chomping action into your home with our assortment of Jurassic World toys. From ferocious T-Rex masks to posable prehistoric figures and playsets based on the film, we’ve got just the selection of toys to add to their growing collection. Browse below and watch their imagination run wild.

If you’re hunting for a gift for a Jurassic World superfan, allow characters like Blue the velociraptor and the gene-spliced hybrids Indominus Rex and Giganotosaurus come to life and cause havoc in the playroom (amongst plenty of other carnivores and herbivores, we’re sure). Think chomping jaws, movable joints, realistic texture, and terrifying sound effects with the latest Jurassic World figurines to excite budding dinophiles.

Those fearsome apex predators used to rule the land millions of years ago; now, they rule your abode, thanks to your dino fanatic. And our Jurassic dinosaur toys offer the perfect introduction for youngsters to delve into a slice of the planet’s history, learning and encouraging imaginative play. What adventures await in Isla Nublar today? Shop below to find out.

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