Le Labo Beauty

Peruse the delights from Le Labo beauty for women's perfumes and you might just spy your next signature fragrance. The covetable brand was founded in 2006 when Edouard Roschi and Fabrice Penot opened the first lab in 2006 in Manhattan. Since then, the label has gained a cult following for its hand-blended products.

We love the unisex concoctions from Le Labo beauty. The irresistible perfumer takes delicate scents like rose and uses them to formulate androgynous aromas with intoxicating layers of wood to add depth. Look to scented body bars to turn your bathroom into a veritable home spa. They have beneficial moisturising properties and the same heady notes found in the rest of the collection, with vanilla and jasmine. There's also shower gel with added vitamin E and aloe vera for a nourishing wash. The tangy scent of tobacco adds a richness, with hints of fig.

Then there are perfume refills that you can take on your travels and mean less waste all round. Opt for fragrances like Oud – the Le Labo perfume contains a mammoth 27 notes, giving it a delicious complexity. Black pepper and saffron are two of the notes you'll find in this exciting olfactory experience, and the evocative scents will transport you to another realm.

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60/81 results
60/81 results