French design house Leblon Delienne fuses pop culture with modern art, resulting in sculptures that are both endearing and eye-catching. The studio breathes new life into the world's most beloved cartoon characters, sparking childhood memories and instilling a sense of playful make-believe. For over 30 years, the workshop has been making limited edition pieces that fall somewhere between bold home decor and full-on works of art. These include tiny Leblon Delienne figurines for mantlepiece or coffee-table adornment, as well as life-sized figures for statement home staging. The designer has collaborated with iconic artists and brands, so you're sure to notice an eclectic range of aesthetic influences dotted throughout the collection.

The brand's most notable signature? Everyone's favourite mouse. The Leblon Delienne Mickey Mouse collection is a firm favourite among collectors, thanks to the dual charm of the prolific pop culture icon and the expert craftsmanship. Choose from all-over matte colours topped with shiny hardware, or introduce a real talking point into your living space with options cast from reflective mirror-finish chrome. 

The thorough process of crafting each figure begins with hand sanding, before moving on to intricate painting, lacquering and varnishing. The result is a polished smoothness that feels utterly contemporary. It's no wonder that Leblon Delienne has even earned accolades for its quality and dedication to excellence.

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