Celebrating? Crack open one of Patrón's legendary tequilas. This renowned Mexican brand uses traditional and eco-conscious techniques – and the best raw materials – to create unforgettable blends. Bottled in distinctive recycled glass bottles in small batches at the Hacienda Patrón, every spirit is handcrafted to the highest standards. All the products are made without the use of additives, using slow-ripened ingredients, meticulously and lovingly cultivated. 

In the Patrón tequila collection, look out for options that have been aged in oak barrels for over twelve months. This process results in warm amber colours, deliciously woody flavours and smoky caramel finishes. A mild sweetness makes these tequilas ideal for mixing into cocktails or sipping on the rocks. We also have limited-edition Patrón bottles presented in artist-designed boxes – ideal for gifting to a friend or family member. 

Fancy experimenting? Try white spirits blended with other ingredients, such as blue agave. Enjoy crystal-clear liquids with citrussy and refreshing aromas, and mouthfeels that are both smooth and peppery on the tongue. In many cases, individual bottles are numbered – this makes each one unique. Use yours to make margaritas or Jalisco mules, mix with tonic for a long drink, or enjoy the complex flavours on their own.  

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