Susan Caplan

Susan Caplan's 40 years of experience sourcing the finest vintage jewellery makes her one of the leading curators in the world. A lifetime spent in the company of passionate antique collectors has honed her exceptional eye for small details and pristine quality. The result? Her collections highlight the enduring style of classic pieces and demonstrate that antiques can look just as fresh as modern creations.

Among our Susan Caplan jewellery selection, expect to find one-of-a-kind necklaces and rings spanning the last eight decades of design. Earrings, silverware and vanity trinkets from the quintessential jewellery makers of the 20th century will capture the attention of the most exacting aficionados. Iconic crystal-covered bracelets with designer motifs sit alongside headpieces from the 1960s that will win turn heads at any special occasion.

A Susan Caplan necklace would make a wonderful gift for a discerning jewellery collector. Every item has been approved by Susan herself and meets strict standards of condition and grading. These slices of fashion history are as immaculate as the day they were first made and carry forward their historical grandeur. Susan Caplan's range of pre-loved jewellery is part of our Resellfridges scheme, so you can even rest easy knowing your new sparkle is a planet-conscious choice.

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14/14 results