With a focus on inspiring children’s developing senses, Jellycat’s range of tactile toys promotes education and fun. The much-loved London brand is all about creativity; in fact, a child suggested the name, which was selected for its silliness. Our collection is brimming with cheery characters including bunnies, octopuses and a whole herd of friendly animals to encourage play and learning.

Discover cute Jellycat toys in a variety of sizes to suit different age groups. There’s an entire menagerie to explore, from mischievous monkeys to super-soft pandas.The Jellycat bunnies range is full of carrot-loving friends to cuddle up with. Long floppy ears, fluffy tails and sweet button noses make these soft rabbits totally lovable. The colour palette is vibrant and varied, with punchy pinks, muted blues and natural dusty-brown shades.

Pick up one of the more unexpected Jellycat amusables to spark their imagination: think soft toys in the shape of fruit, dinosaurs and teapots. Scrumptious food friends sit side-by-side with mystical creatures such as fire-breathing dragons, dreamy unicorns and flower fairies in our collection, where you'll find plenty of excellent gifting.

Just the thing for teething babies, our Jellycat soothers are machine washable for convenience and roll up into compact shapes for easy storage. Make their bedtime story even more delightful with the label’s soft and interactive books, many of which feature fun additions like 3D tails or flaps you can lift to reveal secret details. For nap time, keep them nice and cosy with one of our pure-cotton blankets.

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60/364 results
60/364 results