Indoor Plants

Nurture your own miniature jungle with indoor plants from Selfridges. In our collection, you'll discover an abundance of flora and foliage to help you to relax at home. The psychological and physical health benefits of keeping plants are well documented, so prepare to experience an increased sense of calm, the joy of nurturing and a daily opportunity to appreciate natural beauty.

Whether you're a fully fledged enthusiast or just starting out on your green-fingered journey, you'll find the right plant companion in our curated selection. Searching for something requiring minimal attention? Shop our easy-to-care-for succulents and cacti, which are low-maintenance and typically come in pots or glass terrariums. Think large recycled glass bulbs filled with moss and tropical verdure, or geometrically shaped containers brimming with thriving vegetation. Our air plants also bring easy greenery to your interior – they need no soil and little light or water to survive.

We also have a range of lush, leafy options in gorgeous ceramic planters. Choose from a collection of favourites including calatheas and weeping figs, or lesser-known choices such as begonias. We cater for colour creativity, too, with our indoor flowering pot plants – add bursts of pink or yellow with orchids, or dashes of red with poinsettias. Place them proudly in your home, or delight someone you love with a thoughtful gift.

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26/26 results
26/26 results