As an innovator in dermatologist-approved products, Kiehl's beauty, body and skin care line is a clear winner when it comes to performance. Our selection of the brand's cult creations promises to amplify your daily beauty routine with tried-and-tested formulas.

Refresh your everyday cleansing ritual with washes and exfoliators. From foaming cleansers to gel-oil hybrids and gentle scrubs, there's something for every skin type. Once you're fresh-faced, consider using a toner with exfoliating or skin-soothing properties before finishing with a moisturiser. You'll find a wide range of moisturisers with varying levels of hydration. 

Founded in New York City in 1851, Kiehl's has hundreds of years of expertise in creating effective formulas that will take care of all your skin care requirements. For specific needs, its range of targeted solutions offers precise attention to your skin concerns. Whether you're worried about dark spots, unwanted texture or blemishes, there's something to help.

Kiehl's serums and oils add another layer of effective treatment. Anti-ageing formulas restore elasticity using geranium essential oil, pore-tightening solutions create a smoother appearance and highly concentrated hydrating oils revive parched skin. Kiehl's for men caters specifically to male skin, with anti-redness moisturisers, oil-banishing creams and a selection of grooming products.

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60/108 results
60/108 results