False Eyelashes

Intensify your make-up look with a pair of false lashes from our extensive collection. Discover natural false lashes that offer a subtle enhancement, as well as long, fluttery options that are just the thing for an evening out. Look out for our green Project Earth banner to spot which products are made from vegan-friendly materials.

Choose from items made by some of the beauty industry's most-loved false lashes brands. Dense options with 3D volume create a dramatic aesthetic in an instant. Meanwhile, feathery styles that fan out contribute to length and definition while helping to exaggerate your cat-eye flicks. Items made with soft bands that sit neatly on your eyelid are flexible enough to adjust to your particular eye shape and can be worn comfortably all day (or night). 

False eyelash application is simple with our selection of high-quality adhesives. These glues go on completely clear and make sure things stay put, whatever you have planned. Simply add it to the base of your false lashes and allow it to dry for a few seconds before applying. Pick up a pair of tweezers to make positioning them a breeze. Going on holiday? Keep your lashes safe with one of our handy travel cases.

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