Italian artist Piero Fornasetti established Fornasetti in 1950s Milan. The brand's most renowned design depicts the captivating gaze of Lina Cavalieri. She was an Italian actress and operatic soprano who was nicknamed "the most beautiful woman in the world". Fornasetti was, like most people, enthralled by her looks, and based his famous collection, Tema e Variazioni, on her appearance.

Piero originally framed Lina's face on a wall plate. With now hundreds of variations, her staring eyes have become a well-known symbol of luxury. The collection has expanded to include clocks, ashtrays, blankets and more. Playful touches update the signature Cavalieri design, as she is pictured in a lineup of fun scenarios, such as donning a pearl necklace, eating candy and wearing an eyepatch.

Fornasetti cushions and soft furnishings add a decadent finishing touch to your bed, sofa or armchair. Crafted from premium silk and cotton, they're finished with two-sided designs, so you can switch it up. Fill your space with delicious smells from candles in keepsake jars and scented crystals housed in the brand's iconic ceramic spheres. You'll find an array of delectable fragrances, such as floral notes of lily and calming layers of lavender. Presented in decorated containers, they bring joy to any corner of your home.

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60/99 results