Gisou has one objective: to bestow you with your healthiest hair courtesy of its cruelty-free, naturally infused products containing honey or propolis. Rich in amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins, these bee-derived ingredients nourish the scalp and follicles to promote strength and shine.

Beekeeper Negin Mirsalehi established the brand in 2015, but its roots go back to 1990, when her hairdresser mother started experimenting with honey from her family's garden hives to create mindful products. Over three decades later, the formulation she came up with is bottled in Gisou's hair oil. It's suitable for all hair textures and can be used in multiple ways, from a nourishing mask to a finisher for styling. In our curation of hair care items, you can also expect to find primers and protective sprays. Start your routine with a cleansing shampoo before applying a Gisou conditioner that maintains the hair's natural moisture. Leave-in versions provide continuous hydration while keeping your mane soft and smooth.

Gisou sets are an ideal way to introduce yourself to the brand. And if you're already a devotee, they enable you to take your favourite products with you on the go. We recommend stowing the label's hair perfume in your bag to refresh your tresses with a spritz throughout the day.

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