Happy Plugs

Happy Plugs was founded in response to a simple question: why can't your headphones match your mood? The asker, Andreas Vural, was looking for colourful buds for his girlfriend, but wasn't having any luck. So he took matters into his own hands and hand-painted a pair to give to her. She loved them – and so did her friends, convincing Vural to start a company and begin making Happy Plugs earphones for the world (and its many mindsets). 

Sleek lines and elegantly curving cases enable the vibrancy of the hues to pop across the range. Since starting out with block colours, the designs have now taken a step even further, with marbled and animal-print finishes scattered throughout the collection. You'll notice metallic detailing too, from gleaming gold tips to sparkling silver rims, adding a touch of subtle sparkle.

Our Happy Plugs wireless selection isn't only about aesthetics; cutting-edge technology underpins the offering, with an impressive audio quality and over 30 hours of battery life with every charge. Plus, with passive noise cancellation, you can listen to your favourite tunes uninterrupted. Each set comes with adjustable fittings to keep them in place and lifetime antibacterial protection so they stay fresh. The brand also gets our Selfridges seal of approval for using planet-friendly packaging for its products, making them sound even sweeter.

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23/23 results