Hennessy Foodhall

Each bottle of Hennessy cognac carries the esteemed legacy of its namesake founder. This famous type of brandy is created by exceptional makers using the wisdom of past generations while also keeping a focus firmly on the future. Hennessy's cellar agents use expert techniques passed down over centuries, while its winegrowers employ earth-conscious practices to protect the widely celebrated cognac for years to come.

Although this brandy drink is famously French, the brand itself was founded by Irish officer Richard Hennessy in 1765. His impact can still be tasted with every joyful sip and seen on every Hennessy bottle. The iconic symbol of the fist clutching a hatchet – known as the Bras Armé – is his family's coat of arms. 

Today, Hennessy retains the original recipe that dates back hundreds of years, but you can also indulge in its limited-edition twists. The emblematic Hennessy X.O (Extra Old) was first crafted exclusively for family and friends – and now you can share it with your own. Enjoy neat in a traditional snifter or as part of a cocktail. Whether you’re looking for a top-up of your favourite tipple, are keen to explore new flavours or searching for a special gift, you can find it within our Hennessy collection.

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