Outdoor Lights

Planning a busy season of legendary garden parties, mouth-watering barbecues and long nights huddled around the campfire? Then it’s time to start prepping. Once you’ve lined the grass with rows of vibrant flowers, hauled the gazebo out of storage, and jet-washed the patio until it sparkles, there’s just one thing left: sprinkle your garden with an assortment of mesmerising outdoor lights from our incandescent collection.

Discover bright LED orbs that hover ethereally amongst the branches, warm solar garden lights to suspend from the summerhouse, and endless reels of gently twinkling fairy lights to guide your guests towards the garden festivities. Whether your outdoor space is a sprawling expanse of greenery stretching countless acres, a neat square of lush grass enclosed by picket fences, or a cosy compact balcony overlooking the city, bring it bursting into luminescent life with our scintillating array of garden lighting.

The going down of the sun shouldn’t signal the end of the al fresco festivities. With the help of our line-up of outdoor lights, you and your friends and family can continue to make unforgettable memories long into the night, illuminated by the celestial glow of swaying lamps, shimmering spotlights, and powerful floodlights.

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