Coffee Tables

A steaming cup of coffee, a picturesque magazine, or the remnants of your dinner, whatever you choose to place on your coffee table, it’s made all the more satisfying when the piece of furniture is one you hold dear. That’s why we’ve rounded up all our coffee tables in one place to help you find that missing piece in your home.

From avant-garde designs that twirl, swirl, and twist to staple silhouettes that will never go out of fashion, each piece in our selection of designer coffee tables will be the centrepiece of any living room. But it’s not just their shape you have to thank for their awe-inducing aesthetic; emerald lacquers and metallic painted coats demand the attention of every guest who enters your room.

And when the food is finished, and the plates are stacked away after your bustling garden party, an after-dinner cuppa on the sofa will inevitably be required. But to prevent accidental spills on your precious fabric, a coffee table is the practical solution you’ve been searching for. Just remember to place a decorative coaster atop your hardwood iteration to prevent heat rings. Why not go all the way and centre your décor around your new coffee table using our other designer furniture?

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