Pasta Makers

Have you ever tasted proper homemade pasta, rolled and cut with a hand-cranked pasta maker? Almost everyone who does becomes an instant convert. It's like the difference between instant coffee and the creamiest latte you've ever sipped. Choose from our selection of pasta-making supplies, and you can churn out sheet after sheet of delicious, supple dough.

If pasta is a regular on your menu, we advise you to equip your kitchen with a high-quality pasta machine. Ours are carefully engineered in Italy and are fitted with click-to-adjust rollers so it's easy to achieve just the right thickness. With a little care, yours should last for years. Once you've mastered the basics, add a nifty attachment for making filled pasta. And how about a drying rack, complete with multiple arms to accommodate plenty of spaghetti or tagliatelle? Be warned: this is a rewarding hobby, so you'll likely want them all eventually.

Know someone who wants to try making pasta? Our do-it-yourself gift sets include everything they need to get started, such as mini rolling pins, recipe leaflets and aprons. Soon they'll be crafting pasta parcels like a veritable ravioli machine, or moulding restaurant-quality gnocchi by the panful. Better hope you get an invite to their next dinner party.

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