Oven Gloves

Whether you're an amateur chef or a gourmet in the kitchen, a pair of reliable oven gloves is a necessity. In our selection, you'll find mitts with silicone to double up on protection and single and double gloves with impeccable craftsmanship that will look right at home in your kitchen.

Discover classic cotton-lined kitchen gloves finished with quilted surfaces and packed with insulation, plus heat-resistant oven mitts with hidden magnets to enable convenient storage. Four-pocket creations are fortified with nylon barriers to help protect your hands from high temperatures and steam while also providing resistance against grease and stains. For a non-slip option, go for suede – our curation includes eye-catching colour combinations, such as green, yellow and teal.

Look out for minimalist designs in black, white and grey alongside their patterned counterparts: think heart-shaped motifs, textured finishes and bold stripes in a variety of bright hues. Keep an eye out for the matching loops that feature on many of these gloves and mitts, making them easy to display when they're not in use. Select a style that you can coordinate with our other kitchen linens – such as tea towels and aprons – or mix and match different prints for an eclectic aesthetic.

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