Luxury Diaries

If your diary is the thing that keeps you on track, why not treat yourself to a luxury model? In our selection, you'll discover a range of modern stationery for on-the-go individuals, in a spectrum of sizes and designs – from Filofax personal organisers complete with document storage to pint-sized variations you can fit in your pocket.

When it comes to formats, the world (or at least, our virtual stationer) is your oyster. Spiral-bound, paperback, hardback… Each of these premium diaries has its benefits and its charms. Vintage aficionados will enjoy folded versions that exude a rustic sensibility, whereas minimalists will appreciate the simplicity of pared-back pads. Playful covers are ideal for showing off your creativity – and your interests. If you're an art aficionado, painterly flourishes will be right up your street, while logo-printed picks are a must for fashion enthusiasts. Love nature? Turn to designs adorned with flowers and foliage to find your inspiration.

If you prefer to see your schedule at a glance, open-face weekly diary planners provide you with an instant oversight of your week's agenda. For a daily pick-me-up, why not opt for a design with a motivational quote inscribed across the top? Not only will it keep you organised, but it will also give you a boost every time you look at it.

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60/93 results
60/93 results
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