Jack Daniels

Experience over 150 years of whiskey-crafting mastery with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Whether you're gifting the cocktail maestro in your life or treating yourself to a whiskey to sip by an open fire, immerse yourself in our curated whiskey collection. There's a spirited range of blends to explore, from the sweet and mellow to the intense and fiery. 

Drink the Lynchburg way with a signature bottle of Tennessee whiskey. Discover blends created from 70% rye grain and mellowed through a staggering 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal. Natural limestone spring water is used to remove the iron from the whisky, providing a smooth and pure finish. Lighter than your average bourbon, a bottle of Tennessee whiskey offers notes of caramel and vanilla, as well as a smoky hint of burnt oak. If you're looking to try something new, opt for a bottle infused with sweet honey or punchy cinnamon. You'll find that these distinctive flavours make exciting bases for whiskey cocktails. 

For something slightly richer, choose a bottle of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel whiskey. Matured in barrels hand-picked by the master distiller, every bottle is unique. Awaken your senses with the robust flavour layers of sugar and spice. This bold spirit is sure to impress and inspire the whisky connoisseurs among us.

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