Looking for products that offer ample hydration? Laneige skin cream could be the answer. This South Korean brand has earned cult status due to its versatile range that addresses all sorts of issues, from facial dryness to excess oil. Its team of scientists has invented what they call "Advanced Water Complexes" – elements that work hard to bring you back to a state of equilibrium.

For regular use, we recommend ending busy days with Laneige toner, moisturiser, and cleanser. Gentle and easy-to-use, they'll remove makeup quickly and leave your face feeling refreshed. For more targeted results, there are eye creams and serums with natural ingredients like vitamin C, amino acids and calming lavender. High-performance masks make an indulgent treat – incorporate a luscious night formula into your daily routine, or opt for the brand's signature sheet mask for ultimate relaxation.

Laneige skincare is too good to keep for yourself, so why not gift it to the beauty-lovers in your life? Trial kits provide them with the chance to sample a bounty of items in miniature size before deciding on their favourites. Each nutrient-rich product is packaged in an appealing deep-sea palette of blues and greens, making them a delight for your complexion and for your bathroom cabinet.

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