Treat yourself and your home to the luxury creations of MALIN+GOETZ. The label launched back in 2004 with a Brooklyn store that sought to update the traditional neighbourhood apothecary for the modern era. Today, its collection of fragrances, candles and cosmetics continues to offer wellness, beauty and a calming ambience.

With precisely balanced formulas and rare natural ingredients, the brand's products come designed to refresh and revitalise your everyday life. That's whether you're sprucing up your interiors or cleansing your pores. An alluring MALIN+GOETZ perfume has intoxicating aromas to conjure a variety of moods and impressions – think sweet jasmine, woody vetiver or fruity hints blended carefully with other bright florals. MALIN+GOETZ candles will fill your rooms with similarly sensual scents, including rich dark rum, leather and the distinctive earthiness of hemp.

MALIN+GOETZ also creates items to enhance your everyday skin care routine. Cleansers, moisturisers and serums combine simple blends of potent natural essences. Anti-oxidant vitamin E helps to fight free radicals and prevent signs of ageing, olive oil and milk bring nourishment and lavender and eucalyptus will soothe and balance the complexion. In addition to these rejuvenating products, you can pick up a MALIN+GOETZ shampoo, body wash or deodorant to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

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51/51 results