Chapter one of the Mizensir story began in 1999 with master perfumer, Alberto Morillas, and his search for game-changing scented candles. To create the kind of fragrances he wanted, he joined forces with his wife and launched the prestigious Maison. The house turns its expert knowledge of raw materials and the diffusion of odours into a range of eau de parfum and men's aftershave. In our curation, expect a variety of intoxicating aromas, such as heady oud and sweet raspberry.

Currently spearheaded by Alberto Morillas's daughter, Véronique, Mizensir invents distinctive formulations. Many of these creations are personal to Alberto, who uses his most-loved ingredients and traditional perfumery techniques to concoct them. Furthermore, his travels and his garden in Geneva inspire them. Look out for perfumes and colognes that are exclusive to Selfridges.

If you're searching for a gift for the fragrance aficionado in your life – or want to treat yourself – you're certain to find a scent to love in this selection of Swiss fragrances. From floral bouquets to fresh aromas and woody accords, there are characterful compositions to suit every preference. Each one comes in a sculptural glass bottle with a classic design that adds an ageless aesthetic to vanity shelves and dressing tables.

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