The silky-smooth hit of a well-aged Nikka whisky is one of life's delightfully decadent pleasures. The famed Japanese brand offers a range of warming whiskies for you to savour, regardless of whether you like to drink yours neat or gently gliding over ice cubes. If you have contemporary tastes, opt for products incorporating sweet, spiced caramel notes to enjoy after a delicious dinner. Or, if you prefer to keep it simple, sip on authentic flavours, such as Nikka malt whisky blended in the maker's Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries. With an array of full-bodied malts to experimental blends, Nikka produces whiskies to suit a variety of different palates. 

Nikka has been making whisky since 1934. Founder Masataka Taketsuru spent time in Scotland travelling, living and mastering the craft of whisky distillation before returning to Japan and building his own company. Nikka is known for creating whiskies with a slight vanilla nose, so if you favour a subtle hint of sweetness with your malt, a shot or two should please your taste buds. Nikka masters paying homage to traditional methods while exploring diverse, eye-opening flavours. Why not gift this expertise to an alcohol connoisseur in your world? With a whisky and glass set from Nikka, you can equip the recipient for those indulgent sipping sessions, too.

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