If you prefer to set the trends rather than follow them, there's a lot to love in our range of Sacai clothing. Still a newcomer to haute couture, Sacai has cemented its position as a cult brand thanks to Creative Director Chitose Abe's visionary hybrid style. Key to Abe's design is her playful deconstruction of traditional tailoring, splicing different garments and materials to make something completely unique and infinitely wearable.

So, how does Sacai fashion achieve this? Through the brand's clever spins on classic designs. Each piece has a different front to back, breaking traditional fashion rules while still looking sharp. Jumpers and jackets combine to create innovative outerwear, while T-shirts blend with blouses to produce a dressier version of the wardrobe basic. Hems on skirts and dresses are often asymmetrical, flattering the silhouette with their understated elegance.

As well as exemplifying groundbreaking designs, Sacai stands out through its use of contrasting yet complementary fabrics. Jackets come in mixtures of wool, shell, denim and cotton to keep you warm and dry – and look good doing so. In this collection, you'll discover skirts and trousers, tailored to flatter through clever tapering and draping. Look out for ruffles and patchwork that transform traditionally plain pieces.

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60/60 results