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Explore our curation of state-of-the-art electronics in The Tech Bar. This collection spans ground-breaking gadgets from innovative brands, from massage guns to water-filtering bottles. Expect to find an array of sleek shapes in monochrome colourways and metallic finishes.

If you're looking for smart home devices, you've come to the right place. We've selected a variety of furniture, home entertainment and decorative accessories that use the latest technologies for an easier, more connected life. For both portable and stationary audio products, look to one-piece home speaker systems, outdoor speakers and noise-cancelling headphones. To enhance your interior sanctuary, try a humidifier or air purifier with an accompanying app that syncs to your mobile. These nifty innovations make controlling a room's moisture level or clearing pollutants easier than ever.

Our selection encompasses various modern light fittings suited to home and office spaces. You may find LED lamps with multiple settings for you to customise their brightness or duration to suit your needs. Top up your smartphone's battery with compatible designs featuring charging pads. Look out for some styles that even integrate scent diffusers. Whether you prefer a space to be relaxing or invigorating, you can create your chosen ambience with a mood-enhancing fragrance.

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60/277 results
60/277 results