W&P Design

If you're on the hunt for planet-friendly kitchen products, you'll love W&P Design. Founded by entrepreneurs Josh Williams and Eric Prum, the award-winning company centres its ethos on innovation, from the conception stages through to manufacturing. The result? Eco-friendly solutions for everyday situations, whether you're storing and transporting food or crafting that just-right cocktail.

Invite some fun into your workday with portable bowls to bring your favourite recipes with you on the go. The first thing you'll notice is their bold colours – not only will they brighten up your afternoons, but they'll also make spotting your lunch in the office fridge a breeze. Choose a wide, shallow dish or something a little deeper to suit your preferences (and your menu). Each item's ergonomic shape is as pleasing to eat from as it is to look at, and its silicone lining makes cleaning quick and simple. What’s more, many of these dishes in our W&P Design kitchen selection are safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave.

Once the workday is over, it's time to indulge in your tipple of choice. Enter W&P Design ice cube trays. These vibrant moulds form perfectly shaped (and easy to pop out) cubes to keep your beverage chilled. Keep an eye out for models with a lid that blocks out ambient freezer flavours for even smoother sipping.

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23/23 results