Anna + Nina Homeware

Our Anna + Nina homeware collection is overflowing with the colourful and characterful designs that have made the name of this independent Dutch brand. Inspired by the founders' travels to Bali, India and beyond, rich pigments are woven through with intricate motifs. If you're looking to add a contrasting splash of colour to your home, you'll find the ideal candlestick or bedspread. Pop your jewellery into a bright and quirky storage box, sip from a jaunty painted cup and enjoy a home filled with exuberant personality.

Bold-hued spirals and curves are a trademark feature of Anna + Nina homeware and accessories. The brand's covetable twisted candles are bold and chunky, each one in a fresh and statement-making shade. Opt for zingy citrus orange, shocking pink or vivid lime green, and step back to see the transformation. Swap them around for an easy change of mood.

Bubble vases and candlesticks echo the voluptuous shapes of bulging glass tumblers, each of them in a single strong colour. Line them up for rainbow effect, or dot them around as focal points to light up a room.

Functional as well as decorative, the Anna + Nina range includes cute ceramic mugs and espresso cups decorated with twisting florals and swirling motifs. Give them as gifts or treat yourself to an adventurous colour statement with your favourite brew.

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48/48 results