Cartwright & Butler Foodhall

Since the early 1900s, Cartwright & Butler has been blending the ingredients for a splendid teatime experience. You'll find baked biscuits, teas and delicious condiments as part of the well-presented range from the brand. Create moments of joy with indulgent and tasty treats from the English company, which was dreamed up by two sisters in East Riding of Yorkshire. 

For fans of British food, this selection is a culinary cornucopia. Discover classic sweets from Cartwright & Butler: we're talking childhood favourites, lovingly packed into glass jars that are illustrated with the brand name. Enjoy a bit of fruity goodness on your toast? Look for preserves ranging from chunky marmalade to moreish candied curd. You'll no doubt want to wash everything down with a nice hot beverage – explore a variety of traditional loose-leaf teas such as earl grey and breakfast blends, as well as soothing herbal varieties in individually tagged bags. 

Luxury biscuit tins from Cartwright & Butler make excellent gifts. You can expect all the classics – digestives, shortbread, ginger – packaged in attractive metal barrels with built-in clip seals. For an extra-generous present, treat a friend or relative to one of the label's treat-stuffed food hampers. These are bursting with delights from the Cartwright & Butler pantry, enabling you to spread the label's passion for delicious-tasting produce.

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60/62 results
60/62 results
project earth icon CARTWRIGHT & BUTLER: Sweet apple chutney 250g
project earth icon CARTWRIGHT & BUTLER: Yorkshire chutney 240g
project earth icon CARTWRIGHT & BUTLER: Strawberry preserve 300g
project earth icon CARTWRIGHT & BUTLER: Butter fudge 175g
project earth icon CARTWRIGHT & BUTLER: Rum & Raisin Fudge 175g
project earth icon CARTWRIGHT & BUTLER: Raspberry preserve 280g
project earth icon CARTWRIGHT & BUTLER: Sea-salted toffees 130g