Your morning caffeine fix just got a luxury upgrade thanks to our collection of gourmet coffee. We've handpicked our selection from some of the world's most celebrated brands and growers, so you can enjoy a brew that's guaranteed to hit the spot. To select the options that are sustainably made using responsible production methods, just look out for our green Project Earth badge. 

To enjoy the ritual of coffee-making every time, go for a bag of whole coffee beans from our range. You can grind these yourself using an at-home grinder for the freshest taste you'll find outside of an artisanal café. When it comes to flavour, opt for something fruity from Honduras with tasting notes of passionfruit, pineapple and honey, or a delicate Kenyan blend with hints of strawberry and vanilla. 

Our decaf ground coffee is just the thing for drinking in the afternoon or evening. Whip yours up in a cafetière, Moka pot or Aeropress and enjoy complex layers of flavour. Our selection also includes coffee with boosting ingredients, such as relaxing CBD or skin-loving collagen for added benefits. Those with a sweet tooth can add a splash of syrup to their cup: go for earthy hazelnut, or choose creamy caramel.

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60/100 results
60/100 results