Luxury French Macarons

A long-standing addition to afternoon teas and delectable picnics, macarons are little circles of airy meringue that melt as soon as they hit your tongue. We've curated the best from French bakers such as Ladurée, each piped with nutty, fruity, floral or chocolate fillings.

The French macaron dates back to the 16th century, when the lightweight treat was introduced during the Renaissance. Parisian confectioners made the sweet double-decker cake popular, and it's now considered a beloved symbol of French gastronomy around the world. But what makes a macaron so distinctive? It has to be the smooth, crispy meringue base that's made from almond flour, then sandwiched with a velvety buttercream or sweet ganache filling. Each one has a vibrant hue, too, which is reflective of its flavour.

These photo-worthy delights make impeccable gifts for birthdays, dinner parties and romantic occasions. Discover intricate macaron gift boxes from world-renowned pastry chefs. Varieties are seemingly endless – find classic chocolate, pistachio and raspberry. Or try out more inventive options such as rose, mint, coconut and orange blossom. Each box is beautifully decorated with ornate illustrations and recognisable branding, so will also serve as a keepsake. Look out for seasonal collaborations and limited-edition designs – they're proof that the smallest of pleasures can make a lasting impression.

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20/20 results