Initio Parfums Privès

Connecting the olfactory world with modern-day alchemy, INITIO fragrances combine rare scent molecules to create rich aromas designed to awaken something within you with every spritz. Discover the range at Selfridges, from the iconic Oud for Greatness, concocted with natural oud oil, Side Effect eau de parfum and Rehab extrait de parfum – to name but a few.

The sensual perfumer (whose full name is INITIO Parfums Privés) whips up a wardrobe of fragrances. Influenced by the idea of perfume as magic, INITIO's Artistic Director focusses on the inextricable link between smell and emotion. You'll notice each of the fragrances conjure up a mood; from hypnotic blends with notes of leather and vetiver to spirit-lifting floral mixtures.

This powerhouse perfumery doesn't skimp on the aesthetics, either. Your chosen INITIO eau de parfum will come in an intricately decorated glass bottle packaged in a premium branded box, designed for each individual scent. With this kind of attention to detail, using an INITIO perfume is a memorable experience from the get-go.

Allow a bouquet of unexpected scents to sweep you up, equipped with a new sense of self. Whether you favour dark tobacco odours or calming natural blends, INITIO fragrances cover all the bases.

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