Soak up the immortal essence of Atkinsons 1799 perfumes. Formulating the finest scents and lotions for over two centuries, this London-based house brings the most indulgent and intoxicating ingredients from around the world, and blends them together with a classically British sense of refinement and craftsmanship.

Atkinsons's beauty reputation is built on its creation of provocative eau de parfums and ouds that linger, stirring powerful impressions of distant locales. Take a journey through the Middle East with sweet almond and spicy pepper top notes, or summon the spirit of China with earthy hints of oolong tea. Enveloped in an eau de toilette based on opulent patchouli, you'll invoke the seductive atmosphere of late-Victorian ballrooms. Colognes recall the rarefied mood of traditional men's clubs, with rich tobacco and dark rum. You can also experience Atkinsons body lotions, infused with honey, florals and natural vitamins to moisturise and refresh.

Atkinsons's branding and product names are often based on historic London locations such as Bond Street and Mayfair, calling out the firm's upmarket prestige. Those with a keen eye for detail will find that this tradition is also present in the packaging – a flacon inspired by the charm of an antique snuffbox, for example, or a bottle etched with gold, modelled on the old-world architecture of the capital.

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