When you're planning a cosy night in with friends or a romantic dinner for two, candles are sure to set the mood. Designer candle holders are an ideal companion, whether they're taking centre stage in an elaborate table display or adding warmth to your living room set-up.

For a contemporary take on traditional candelabras, turn to luxury candle holders made from coloured glass. Their translucent bodies capture the light as it flickers, and are often engraved to resemble their silver or brass counterparts. Choose from a range of colours, from deep sunset hues to acid tones. If you're more of a minimalist, clear crystalline styles are endlessly indulgent and look sleek holding a monochrome taper. Stark, geometric shapes make a visual statement, while etched options are ever-so opulent.

To bring an air of decadence to your mantles and bookshelves, we recommend sculpted ceramic candle holders that are both functional and highly decorative. Opt for organic forms or something figurative – either way they'll certainly spark a conversation. Tealight caddies are handy for smaller spaces, creating an inviting ambience in a pint-sized package. Pick up a few to create your own Hygge hideaway – then snuggle up and watch the world go by.

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60/104 results