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Our Klevering collection is brimming with vibrant homeware pieces in an array of bold colours and unusual shapes. Explore intricately cut glassware to serve your weekend cocktails, lively candle holders to brighten up your living room, quirky mirrors and more. 

Hailing from Amsterdam and founded in 1992, Klevering is a luxury home accessories label known for its contemporary designs with vintage touches and high levels of craftsmanship. The creative label aims to cheer up everyday life with its creations – browse our selection of Klevering's photo frames to add a modern touch to your favourite snaps. Discover bold shapes, including twisted braids, in an array of pastel-toned hues. Display the frame individually as a standalone piece, or marry a few together to create a collection of memories housed in fun frames from the colourful brand. 

Accentuate your fresh flowers with an ornate Klevering vase in a range of sizes fit for both a blooming bouquet or a single flower stem. Candles are the easiest way to add ambience to date nights at home in front of a movie, so why not explore these shaped candle holders from the Danish brand? Geometric styles in single block colours add a futuristic and abstract touch to your home, while stoneware sculpted designs in organic, rounded shapes add a softer feel.

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