Explore our one-of-a-kind gaming destination at Selfridges London and here online
– featuring exclusive launches, sought-after consoles and pioneering tech


Explore our one-of-a-kind gaming destination at Selfridges London and here online – featuring exclusive launches, sought-after consoles and pioneering tech

Words: Charlotte Core

Welcome to the PlayHouse by Smartech at the Selfridges Corner Shop in London (open until 3 January) and here online: a gaming destination like no other where you can discover, play and shop the world’s most ground-breaking games consoles and technology – from the brilliant and immersive Oculus Quest 2, to next-level lighting tech from Nanoleaf.

Staying connected has never felt more vital, which is why we’re following the gaming community’s lead by using games to bring us all closer (even if we do end up battling it out in the process). Read on to discover our expert’s pick of the need-to-know game consoles and technology, and how lockdown has brought the gaming community together.  



With Smartech’s Executive Project Manager Sadia Rahman

As Executive Project Manager at Smartech, Sadia Rahman knows a thing or two about forward-thinking, game-changing technology. Here, she picks the four products that we all need in our lives right now.  

Oculus Quest 2

“The Oculus Quest 2 gives you the best of virtual reality for a lot less than you might expect. It’s a supremely well-designed headset that’s comfortable to wear, but still capable of showcasing the technology in its optimal form. Better still, there’s something for everyone in Oculus’s rich library of games and experiences. I really had an absolute blast with it.”

Snapchat Spectacles V3

“Put simply, Snapchat Spectacles are a camera that you wear on your face. Tap a record button near the temple, and they capture video in intervals of 10 seconds, which automatically uploads to the Snapchat app. Inspired by the human eye, the images from both cameras combine to build a geometric map of the world around you. Gaming using Spectacles is a new way to discover and capture the world around you in 3D, and then share it instantly with your loved ones.”

Sony PlayStation 5


“Sony has played it calm, quiet and, in some places, even silent about the PlayStation 5. But now we have it: the most-awaited gaming console, which unleashes new gaming possibilities that no one had ever anticipated. Incredible graphics and breathtaking immersion allow players to discover a deeper gaming experience with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D audio technology. Play has no limits.”


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Roto VR Chair

“This virtual reality gaming chair provides you with 360-degree motion, to give you the feeling that you’re actually in the moment and have the freedom to move. Because of the combination of the visuals and motion, the whole gaming experience becomes more real. No more wires that are trapping and restricting your movements, no more space issues as you move around. All you need is to find a place where you can put your chair, and you are ready to go…”




Tomi Adebayo, known online as GadgetsBoy, is one of the UK’s most influential tech experts, unboxing, testing and reviewing the world’s most game-changing consoles and technology. Ahead of the PlayHouse by Smartech space opening at Selfridges London, we asked Tomi how lockdown has affected the tech and gaming community, and what he’s been most excited to get his hands on this year.

Why do you think the popularity of gaming continues to grow?

Gaming is a form of escapism and it’s very important to have a way to timeout of the daily mundane tasks, activities or work. It’s also a great way to connect with friends and family online or meet new, like-minded people.

How do you think PlayHouse fits into this?

While not everyone can afford the next-gen gaming console or have the space to game at home, [PlayHouse at The Corner Shop] will bring people closer to their desire for gaming or give us an excuse to get out of the house and spend time on fun things that are great for the mind.

How has lockdown affected the gaming community – as a wider group, and for you personally? 

Lockdown has made me realise how many games are available to download beyond just Call of Duty and FIFA. Due to lockdown restrictions, it also meant more time, so I got to spend more time gaming. If anything, it brought people together with a common goal and a stronger sense of community.


Due to lockdown restrictions, I got to spend more time gaming. If anything, it brought people together with a common goal and a stronger sense of community.

How important do you feel gaming is when it comes to staying connected with others? 

With more people gaming, it means more time spent online too, and with that in mind, more people are becoming connected. It creates conversation within a group of like-minded people. People with common interests are a good thing when there’s a tool that brings them together. I’ve spent more time gaming with some friends I otherwise wouldn’t spend time with (due to work and travel) if things were normal.

What have you been playing most during lockdown?

A lot of Modern Warfare and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and my Oculus Quest 2.

What’s been the most-anticipated or exciting launch of 2020 for you? 

The new gaming consoles – the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

What’s the first game you ever got really into?

Super Mario – who didn’t get into it?

What excites you most about the future of gaming? 

I’m looking forward to what graphics cards are doing, like ray tracing, and even VR gaming. It’s gotten so much better now.