This year, we’re looking towards the healing powers of nature and escapism with Good Nature, helping you to discover new routes to pleasure that benefit you, our communities and our earth. Here we share the inspiration behind Good Nature as we introduce our new podcast series and the story behind our curation of nature-inspired images. Return to this page to see the pleasure-seeking philosophy of Good Nature grow through our windows, events and in-store experiences over the coming months…


From the simple to the sublime, our new podcast series celebrates pleasure in all its forms. Leaning on nature as a guiding force, we’ll be taking you on a sonic journey into the realm of earthly delights with mini-docs, how-tos and guided meditation experiences. Best enjoyed on a relaxing walk, blanket on the grass or moment of quiet in the great outdoors, this series is designed to help you escape, be inspired and discover the joys of nature.

Episode 10:
The Pleasure of Gardening

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” – Henri Matisse.  

In the final installment of our Good Nature podcast, we follow two organisations striving to reconnect people with the land: GROW and MindFood. These two groups harness the expansive power of nature through gardening and growing to help improve mental wellbeing. Whether it’s a holistic approach to education, or a restorative guide to healing, this episode demonstrates the importance of having a hands-on relationship with the Earth. So, dig deep, get your fingers dirty and seize the green. 

GROW is currently raising funds for the second phase of their journey. To find out more information, search GROW Phase 2 on Crowdfunder or visit their website To find out more about MindFood, visit

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Featuring a curation of nature-inspired images from our artistic collaborators.

Bahati Simoens

As the seasons shift and we move into spring, the appreciation of the healing power of nature that we discovered in lockdown endures.

More than ever, fostering a true connection with the joy of nature is essential to our survival and wellbeing, and so it is with optimism and care that we introduce Selfridges' 2021 creative theme ‘Good Nature’.

The idea for Good Nature began to grow during the spring of ‘lockdown one’, a time forever marked on our minds. The blossom held new glory each day as the flowers bloomed in neighbourhood gardens and together we found comfort in watching nature thrive, with its representation of possibility and hope. Never have many of us felt more grateful for our parks as we sought air and space in the common pursuit of freedom.  

Riitta Ikonen & Karoline Hjorth
Min Hyun-Woo

After a time of reflection, and with excitement and energy for the good things to come, it is our hope that the united spirit – our collective good nature – will remain as we ease back into this new phase of a liberated life.

None of us needs to be reminded that we are living in a time of great change – but it is the unpredictability of change that has become our new North Star, familiarity has been replaced by uncertainty, and pleasure is now found in the simple things that were there all along.

Inspiration for Good Nature was found at the intersection of nature and culture, with experiences for you to explore through destinations and products across the year. Selfridges will be a space dedicated to the inclusive pursuit of joy and pleasure. From greenhouses to garden gnomes, woodland walks to nature talks, we will celebrate the magic of the great outdoors, and try to capture just some of the restoration it provides.

The seasons may come and go, ideas of normality may continue to change, but the gift of Good Nature endures. We hope you enjoy it – here’s to better times ahead, and the pursuit of pleasure.

Love, Selfridges x 

Emma Larsson
Animation by Sucuk Und Bratwurst

As part of Good Nature, we looked to some of our favourite photographers and artists to curate and commission a series of captivating art works that explore our relationship with nature. Discover the story behind the images here.


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