Good Nature:

The Pleasure Series

From the simple to the sublime, our new podcast series celebrates pleasure in all its forms. Leaning on nature as a guiding force, we’ll be taking you on a sonic journey into the realm of earthly delights with mini-docs, how-tos and guided meditation experiences. Best enjoyed on a relaxing walk, blanket on the grass or moment of quiet in the great outdoors, this series is designed to help you escape, be inspired and discover the joys of nature.

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“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” – Henri Matisse.  


In the final installment of our Good Nature podcast, we follow two organisations striving to reconnect people with the land: GROW and MindFood. These two groups harness the expansive power of nature through gardening and growing to help improve mental wellbeing. Whether it’s a holistic approach to education, or a restorative guide to healing, this episode demonstrates the importance of having a hands-on relationship with the Earth. So, dig deep, get your fingers dirty and seize the green. 


GROW is currently raising funds for the second phase of their journey. To find out more information, search GROW Phase 2 on Crowdfunder or visit their website To find out more about MindFood, visit



With the waiting lists for UK Allotments soaring during lockdown, the desire to sow and grow has bloomed like never before. But you don’t need a green space to be green fingered. 


In this how-to guide, horticulturist and regenerative grower, Poppy Okotcha, talks us through some simple steps to small-scale gardening. From repurposing items around your home to regrowing veg from table scraps.


So, hold onto those loo roll tubes, save your spring onion ends and start sifting through your store cupboard as Poppy shares her handy gardening tips, ahead of the opening of the Selfridges Garden Centre, coming this June…



Be it communal, spiritual or physical, the word 'ritual' means different things to different people.

Join us as we explore how rituals can bring us closer to nature, listening to the community of Padstow as they celebrate the coming of summer, explore rites of self-love with artist, witch and environmentalist Ayesha Tan Jones and plunge into the cold waters of West Wales with wild swimmers The Bluetits.



Join us for a series of meditative audio experiences inspired by nature – from singing bowls played in the great outdoors to innovative technology that turns plant data into otherworldly music.

Sound healing with Zethu Maseko

For Zethu Maseko, a sound, short film and textile artist based in London, sound can be a tool to learn about our past, build our own identities as well as understand futures and imagined futures for ourselves. Her piece Kuphiliswa (which means ‘healing’ in Zulu), is a sound piece written on the Mbira, a pre-colonial, Stone Age instrument she uses to highlight how ancient tools can be used in a contemporary context for healing, storytelling and as a point of conversation.

Plant compositions with Joe Patitucci

For Joe Patitucci, the idea of PlantWave – a device that translates plant data into music – was a way of connecting even more deeply to the feeling of being in nature. Despite its humble origins as a re-purposed lie detector, it has since become a unique tool for composers and wellness practitioners alike. In this episode, we encourage you to listen to what plants have to say, as we hear Joe’s story and his composition using PlantWave on four different plants.

Singing bowl meditation with Aisha Carrington

When Aisha Carrington changed careers from personal stylist to sound healer, it became a way for her to overcome some of the mental health issues she faced at the time - using meditation as medicine. In this experience we want you to do the same; sit down in a nice space, close your eyes, and let the soft vibrations of Aisha’s singing bowls guide you into a deep state of relaxation.



 Today, we’re going on a walk. That’s right, the lot of us. But this is a guided walk with a difference. It’s all about discovering the world anew and seeing the familiar with fresh eyes. We’re going to unlock the mysteries latent on our doorstep and notice what’s hidden in plain sight. 

Second right, second right, first left, repeat.

Join psycho-geographer John Rogers as he guides us through our local areas using a simple set of instructions. This is a walk that can be done anywhere - as long as you’re in a built-up space; town, city, village, you name it. You just need your eyes and your ears. 



This episode’s a walk in the park. A national park, that is. Today, we’re stepping off the beaten track with walking group Black Girls Hike, to roam free on the green (and sometimes snowy) hills of the Peak District.

The group's founder, Rhianne Fatinikun, takes us back to where she first had the spark of an idea to give black women a space to explore nature together. Now, several years and many walks later, Black Girls Hike is a non-profit organisation that spans the country. Representing ‘more than a walking group’ to its members, Black Girls Hike highlights the power of sharing the things we enjoy most.



In this episode, we follow painter and self-confessed colourist Jonathan Schofield as he unpacks his relationship with colour. From selecting hues for his vibrant artworks to finding inspirations in unexpected places, we deep-dive into Jonathan’s world as we explore colour as a poetic force and enduring influence. 

To see Jonathan Schofield’s work close up, come and visit Selfridges London where the artist has created three works for the windows on Orchard Street, inspired by the vibrant colours found in nature.  



In this episode we're exploring human nature and our inherent desire for pleasure, as Sink the Pink founder and professional show-off Glyn Fussell encourages us to re-examine the notion of 'guilty pleasures.'


Drawing on ideas from social psychology, activism and art, we'll hear from some of the best minds on this topic about why we should celebrate our joys, no matter how fleeting or seemingly frivolous.  


Please note: this episode features adult themes and language.



Sometimes, it’s hard to stop. We lead busy lives and between work and home and working from home, it’s easy to get swept up in the daily grind.


So this is your how-to guide to doing nothing. Or, as the Dutch call it, Niksen. Whether you’re well-practiced in the art, or nothing-averse, consider this your permission slip to stop, take a moment to pause and breathe, as you let author Olga Mecking lead you through the pleasure of doing nothing.



Let's start simple.


We all have that something which brings a little burst of joy. Whether it’s out of the blue or part of your daily routine, simple pleasures, no matter how small, can have a big impact. This episode is an ode to that cold side of the pillow, the long-awaited first sip, a fleeting glimpse of the unexpected.


For episode one of the Good Nature Pleasure Series, we invite you to immerse yourself in an audio experience in which a patchwork of voices offer their own tricks for small pleasurable hits, along with a touch of poetry.


Featuring: Sunnah Khan of poetry collective 4 BROWN GIRLS WHO WRITE, reading her poem ‘One Day’. 


This podcast is part of Good Nature: our ongoing exploration into the healing powers of nature and escapism.