Benefit Beauty

Brighten up your make-up routine with Benefit beauty. Our assortment of the coveted beauty label’s make-up includes a mix of mascaras, shimmering highlighters, blushers, bronzers and eyebrow treatments. For a unique gift, take your pick of Benefit eyeliner and palette sets.

Benefit was founded in 1976 by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford. The sisters were working as models in San Francisco when they realised there was a lack of products on the market that could give them the natural, dewy look they wanted. The Benefit brand was born – and quickly became known for its unique and youthful take on make-up. Today, Benefit still takes an unconventional approach to beauty, with fun and irreverent products that are loved by makeup enthusiasts all over the world.

Our collection of Benefit make-up is home to an array of products to create a flawless look – from lip stain to volumising eyebrow pencils. For a precise smoky eye, look to the label’s selection of mascaras and eyeshadow palettes. Opt for volumising brushes to curl and lift lashes and then explore Benefit’s palettes of smoky shades – think charcoal hues and shimmering dove greys. Want more definition? Add a cat eye flick with Benefit’s range of liquid eyeliners.

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60/124 results
60/124 results