ESTEBAN has been creating intoxicating fragrances for over 40 years. The French perfumery uses innovation and craftsmanship to produce invigorating scents for the home. For you, this means a curated collection of ESTEBAN candles, diffusers and incense sticks. 

With a passion for forward-thinking materials and processes, the brand uses vegan vegetable wax blends, recyclable branded packaging and pure cotton wicks to create its luxury candles. They're available in a range of fragrances – from musky clove to delicate iris – so you can find a bouquet for every taste. The enticing fragrances from ESTEBAN's iconic candles appear across its lineup of incense sticks, too, which are handmade from natural bamboo. Drawn to seductive and sultry scents? Fill your home with the woody notes of nutmeg and sandalwood. If you gravitate towards the fresh and floral, choose from jasmine, white orchid or vanilla profiles.

For a thoughtful gift, opt for a triptyquediffuser bouquet. Showcasing a tasteful glass design, these diffusers capture ESTEBAN's artistry. They're also refillable, so you can enjoy them time and time again. For those who love hosting, a bottle of an ESTEBAN room fragrance is the way to go. Designed to fill rooms with atmospheric scents from the citrusy to the spicy, these room sprays will uplift and energise.

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23/23 results
ESTEBAN: Cedre scented refill