Jasper Conran @ Wedgwood

Clean, simple styling makes the Jasper Conran @ Wedgwood range an enduring choice for your dining table. Opulent Wedgwood ceramics have taken pride of place in our homes for over three centuries, and now, thanks to this unique collaboration with designer Jasper Conran, they’re given a contemporary spin. For the past two decades, this collection has fused the renowned tableware brand's quintessential British elegance with the couturier's irreverence. The result? China with a sleek aesthetic.

Our selection from this marriage of icons is characterised by its minimalism. You'll see subtle embossing and platinum rims on many of the white Jasper Conran @ Wedgwood pieces, as well as slim handles, neat spouts and a glossy shine. Patterned options feature bold stripes and bright floral motifs to bring a statement look to every meal. 

Choose Jasper Conran @ Wedgwood dinnerware in a Chinoiserie design to delight your party guests. With everything from side plates to soup bowls and oval serving dishes, you can rejuvenate your crockery collection with a whole new set, or opt for a few choice items to complement your heirlooms. For after-dinner beverages, pick angular espresso cups, shallow, wide-rimmed teacups and saucers, or for informal gatherings, perfectly cylindrical mugs. The pieces are also oven-proof and dishwasher-safe for convenience.

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29/29 results