Penhaligon's Beauty

With rich blends of woods and spices, Penhaligon's products are renowned for their opulence. In our collection, you'll find the label's distinctive perfumes, aftershaves and beauty lines for men and women. Add indulgence to your morning routine with top notes of blood orange, peach and vanilla – or opt for the sultry blend of coffee and geranium in the evening. 

Penhaligon's was founded in London in 1870. With over 150 years of olfactory experience, the brand has journeyed from a humble barbershop to the Queen's court (picking up three Royal warrants on the way). It's home to an assortment of coveted eau de parfums crafted with a mix of florals, woods and citruses – all wrapped up in sleek bottles with iconic round stoppers and ribbon bows. For a revitalising lift, choose perfumes with zest: think grapefruit and mandarin paired with fresh patchouli.

And it doesn't stop there. You'll also find Penhaligon's skin care and beauty collections amongst our lineup, all infused with the same intoxicating scents. Pick a body wash with lemon, pepper and pine to brighten your beauty regime, then finish it off with a hydrating body lotion. For a targeted treatment, apply the label's hand creams during the day to leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

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60/69 results
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